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Justplay gives away incredible prizes to our users every week while our platform delivers targeted marketing solutions for our clients.

How do we do that? We maximise our user traffic (6,000 sessions par day on average) in order to collate data as leads to our affiliated sponsors.

This means that if you need to build a database for your company, or you need people to see your new offering, or you need to do some research for a new product, we can help you gain access to thousands of internet users in 48 hours.

Our users

Justplay owns a database of over 1.5 million registered users and can provide you with fully opted-in leads for any campaign in 48 hours. Whether you want to do online research before launching a new product or you want to market an already launched product, we can help. Our users are online, cover the entire South African demographic and only opt to be contacted by a client if they are really interested in a product offering.

700+ new sign ups/day

20k sessions/day

25k prize entries/day

165k+ Facebook likes

What we offer

Research campaigns

  • Target users by demographic - age, gender, location, income, etc.
  • Match results back to demographics
  • Customise questions and answers according to your needs
  • Rapid online research results

Database builds

  • POPI compliant list-builds
  • Brand engaged users
  • Integrate with your CMS

Brand engagement

  • Positive brand positioning
  • Highly engaged community
  • Great native PR opportunities

Lead generation

  • Brand engaged
  • Target by demographic
  • Qualified leads

Our campaign tools

Justplay has a wide range of campaign tools at our disposal and we are able to create a custom campaign according to your digital marketing needs

You can use one of the following tools or a combination of all of them, according to the requirements of your digital campaign.

Prize sponsorship

Brand impressions




Social networks

We'd love to create a digital marketing campaign that meets your marketing objectives. For case studies, costings and enquiries, please contact us on the form or email

Our Clients

"As with most of our online campaigns, Justplay recently played a major role in our Cybersure competition. We've become accustomed to their great service, quick and reliable turn-around time and good response rates from their mail campaigns, which helped us to successfully launch our Cybersure product."
Natalie Bisset - King Price General Marketing Manager