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Join Justplay for FREE and become a winner!

Online competitions give people the platform to do what they were born to do…win! Justplay gives players the opportunity to win a car, shopping vouchers, electronic devices, getaways and more. Sign up to Justplay to be a part of the winning streak madness!

Online competitions are easy

You don't have to find a needle in a hay stack, walk on stilts or juggle knives to win prizes. All you have to do is sign up for free here and enter draws by answering short, simple questionnaires. It's that easy.

Click, Answer, Win

Even quicker than entering online competitions by answering the short questionnaires, with Justplay you get to assign bonus entries to competitions of your choice. Earn bonus entries by playing on the Facebook App or via SMS. It's that quick.

It could be you!

Enter our online competitions as many times as you like and increase your chances of winning. Winner's names are drawn randomly by a computer, but the more entries you have in a particular competition the more chance there is of your name being drawn. Why wait, sign up to put yourself ahead of the winner’s pack!

Stay Winning

Online competitions give players the chance to win something players actually want, signing up to Justplay gives you access to win a range of prizes from cars to iPads and weekend getaways. You choose the prize you want and enter that competition as many times you like.

If you still don't think online competitions are the shizzle, visit our Facebook or winner's page to see the list of winners. Or better yet, sign up and start playing. It could be your profile up there!