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Online competitions

It’s never been so easy to win since the dawn of online competitions. At Justplay, we’re all about winning and we give away at least a prize week. The Justplay team loads new prizes and new questionniares regularly in order to keep things interesting so make sure you check in regularly and follow us on Facebook to be one of the first to know when we load a new prize.

Winning is easy with online competitions

There’s no catch and no tricks. All you have to do to win, is sign up to Justplay, play and you have as good a chance to win as the next Justplayer.

Just sign up to Justplay and start entering by answering the short questionnaires on our competition website. If you get tired of completing the questionnaires, you can also use the bonus codes we distribute by email and on social media or enter the competition by SMS.

We’ll make sure your prize gets to the rightful winner, whether you’ve won a car, shopping vouchers, tech stuff or cash. Check out all these happy winners who received their prizes! Just sign up to Justplay to start winning!

You can enter for a prize as many times as you want online to increase your chances of winning. Winners’ names are drawn randomly by our online competition system and the more times you enter, the higher your chances of winning.

Win what you want with online competitions

Online competitions give players the chance to win something they actually want. Do you need some extra cash? You can win cash on Justplay. Do you need new clothes? You can win a clothing voucher on Justplay. Do you need a new car? You can even win a car on Justplay! Just keep checking our prize list and keep playing, and the next prize could be yours.

If you still don't think online competitions are the shizzle, visit our Facebook or winner's page to see the list of winners. Or better yet, sign up and start playing. It could be your profile up there!